Final grade: Fisher

Derek Fisher, point guard:
Everyone says he’s too old, too slow and should be sent to the bench. Perhaps the Lakers would be better off with a younger, faster point guard to run whatever offense they run under their new coach next season. Fisher might be an ideal backup in the years to come, filling a role as a capable contributor who can keep things together while an aging first unit gets its rest. OK, that’s the best-case scenario. It’s also possible Fisher’s career is all but dead with the Lakers. There’s no discounting his leadership skills, durability and big-shot making abilities. He has played in 495 consecutive games, the league’s longest active streak, but a new coach could decide he’s too old and slow to keep up with the game as it’s now played by younger and faster point guards. Fisher’s scoring average has dipped in each of the last three seasons, a sign he doesn’t have the impact he once did. The Lakers are likely to seek guard help in the offseason.

Stats: 82 games, 6.8 points, 1.9 rebounds, 2.7 assists.

Grade: C.

Monday: Pau Gasol.