It’s official: Lakers trade Lamar Odom

The Lakers traded forward Lamar Odom and a second-round draft pick tonight to the Dallas Mavericks for a first-round pick and a $8.9 million trade exemption. “Lamar was a fine player for us in his seven years with the Lakers,” general manager Mitch Kupchak said in a statement. “In addition, he always conducted himself with class and professionalism and we wish him well in the remainder of his career.”

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    The Lakers management will regret this one. Odom was a very talented and loyal player for the Lakers since he arrived and was more than essential in contributing towards their two championship seasons. Where are they going to find another sixth man as formidable as Odom? A 6-10 PF/SF than can shoot the three with the best of em; dribble the ball full length down the court; finesse his way to the basket for dunks and layups; bang with the big guys? Now, they want to complete the blowup of the Lakers by wheeling and dealing Bynum and Gasol? All for a shot at Paul and Howard; both deals are now dead in the water. Stupidity mixed with lack of foresight equals confusion and discontent. Mitch Kupchak and the other ‘geniuses’ running the Lakers have put that team on an unnecessarily rough course for no logical or valid reason. Laker fans: buckle your seat belts and prepare for a bumpy ride!

  • Amillennialist

    Good comments, Griff.

    It appears that Kupchak’s committed organizational suicide.