Lakers’ Kobe Bryant getting injections in wrist

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Kobe Bryant has received pain-killing injections before every game since tearing a ligament in his right wrist Dec. 19, Lakers coach Mike Brown confirmed less than 90 minutes before Friday night’s contest against the Golden State Warriors.

Bryant hasn’t missed a regular-season game since he was hurt in a fall in the Lakers’ exhibition loss to the Clippers at Staples Center. He was advised to rest his wrist and that surgery would not correct the problem.

Bryant wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Brown said he wasn’t concerned because Bryant and the team’s medical personnel aren’t concerned, adding, “I believe in our training staff and I believe in our doctors, so they’re telling me everything is all right with it.

“There’s not anything to worry about. There’s no minute limitations or anything like that. If Kobe feels ready to go then I’m ready for him to go. For me to try to throw my two cents in an area where I don’t know anything about wouldn’t make any sense.”

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