Mike Brown wants NBA to look at Blake Griffin’s shove

An expanded version of tomorrow’s story today …

Lakers coach Mike Brown said today he wanted the NBA would take a closer look at Blake Griffin’s post-whistle shove to Darius Morris while the rookie guard was in midair late in the first quarter of the Lakers’ 102-94 loss Saturday to the Clippers.

Paul fouled Morris a nanosecond earlier, but Morris continued to the basket and dunked as Griffin shoved him. Brown went into a rage on the sideline and had to be restrained by his assistant coaches and drew a technical foul.

“Whether the shove was blatant and, boom, or was just a little shove, when a guy is in the air, that’s a dangerous play,” Brown said. “Nothing was called (on Griffin) and I wondered why. So I’m going to ask (the league) to review it mainly so I understand.”

Brown didn’t say he believed Griffin meant to harm Morris, but he said he was confused by the referees’ explanation of events.

“I would like to know the league’s ruling on that after they watch it on tape to see, so I have a better understanding,” he said. “What I was told, in a nutshell, is that its OK to push a guy in the air as long as he doesn’t get hurt, or it doesn’t look like he’s going to get hurt. So it’s a judgment call because the whistle clearly had been blown.”

Griffin upset the Lakers last season and during two exhibitions earlier this season because they believed he celebrates his dunks a little too excitedly and jumped on their backs while going after rebounds he clearly cannot get.

Griffin did not apologize for Saturday’s play.

“All last year, if I ever kept going after the whistle (stuff happened),” Griffin said when asked after the game about the shove on Morris. “I got told early in the season that was going to happen. It’s an unwritten rule. If you’re going after the whistle, be prepared.”

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