Lakers’ scoring woes threatening historic lows

When the Lakers fell Sunday to the Pacers 98-96, it marked the 11th consecutive game in which they failed to score 100 points or more. They are 6-5 in that stretch. They haven’t gone 12 in a row without scoring 100 since 2003-04, when they went 6-6.

Furthermore, the Lakers finished 2003-04 by averaging 98.2 points, the lowest since the franchise moved to Los Angeles from Minneapolis in 1960. If they continue their 92.3 average, it would be their lowest since the shot clock was adopted in 1954-55.

The Lakers averaged 101.5 points last season en route to their fourth consecutive season with 57 victories or more. They failed to win their third straight NBA championship and Mike Brown replaced the retiring Phil Jackson as coach last May.

Adapting to Brown’s changes has been difficult, especially on offense.

“Some of what we’re going through is effort, some of it is energy, some of it is passion,” veteran Derek Fisher said. “Those things are sometimes harder to kind of manufacture and bring out when you’re thinking a lot. We’re still thinking some as a team.

“We’re not just playing our game and trying to be who we are. We’ll figure it out, though. That’s what our job is and that’s what we’ll do.”