With trade deadline a week away, Pau Gasol feeling at ease

Tomorrow’s story today …

Pau Gasol hasn’t been calling his agent by the hour.

He hasn’t been crossing off the days on a calendar in anticipation.

He hasn’t been chewing his fingernails nervously.

The trade deadline is one week from Thursday, and Gasol has been calm, cool and collected ever since Kobe Bryant called on team management to clarify the 7-footer’s status with the team and general manager Mitch Kupchak then dropped Gasol a dime.

“I don’t know what the state the moves and intentions are right now,” Gasol said the other day when asked about his phone conversation with Kupchak. “I have an understanding where things are, when he stands and where I stand.

“(Kupchak) told me just play the way you play. Keep playing hard and keep playing well and then we’ll see. It was kind of calming to have that feedback. “

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