Reports: Lakers to trade for Michael Beasley

No official confirmation yet, but reports out of Portland and Minneapolis indicate the Lakers, Trail Blazers and Timberwolves are close to completing a trade. The Lakers could get small forward Michael Beasley from Minnesota. Portland would get guard Steve Blake from the Lakers and Minnesota would get guard Jamal Crawford from Portland. Not sure how that address the Lakers’ point guard situation unless they turn around and send a draft pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers to acquire Ramon Sessions.

UPDATE: Lakers coach Mike Brown said he had no orders to keep Blake out of Wednesday’s game against the New Orleans Hornets, which is what often happens while a trade is being completed. Crawford reportedly was in the Trail Blazers’ lineup for their game at New York. Blake declined to address any questions before the game, saying he was simply getting dressed and preparing to play.

“This is the first time I’ve heard his name today,” Brown said when asked before Wednesday’s game about the rumors that the Lakers were on the verge of acquiring Beasley. “I have not talked to Mitch at all. I’m not focused on any of the trade rumors.”

Brown referred to Mitch Kupchak, the Lakers’ general manager.

Here’s what Beasley told a Twin-Cities reporter after the T-Wolves practice Wednesday in Phoenix: “I’m just a pawn in this game. L.A., Boston, New Jersey, Orlando, anywhere … I mean, if they decide to move me, then I’ve got to go. I’m not saying I want to, but it’s something I have no control over.”

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