How many games will it take to get Kobe Bryant back up to speed?

Lakers coach Mike Brown couldn’t say for certain how many games he would like to see Bryant play before the playoffs begin either April 28 or 29. The Lakers have only four regular-season games remaining, including Wednesday against the Warriors in Oakland
“It’s just a guessing game,” Brown said. “We could say it’s three. We could say it’s zero. We could say it’s one. It’s just a guessing game. I don’t think there’s an exact science to it. … He can fit in seamlessly with any group of guys, in my opinion.

“We’re taking our time with it. We want to make sure it’s right. We’ve seen the progress he’s made and we’re happy about the progress he’s made. It’s just a matter of us wanting to be cautious about it and making sure he’s back at full strength.”

Bryant has a condition called tenosynovitis, an inflammation of the sheath that protects his shin tendon near where it meets his foot. He was injured when he was kicked in the shin during the Lakers’ victory March 31 over the New Orleans Hornets.