Pau Gasol doesn’t get any clarification on his status with the Lakers

Pau Gasol said his exit interview Wednesday with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak and Mike Brown was very positive and encouraging, but didn’t include any thoughts on whether he will remain in purple-and-gold after they tried to trade him last December. He said the trade rumors last season were disconcerting, but he still wants to be here and to chase a third NBA championship.

Here’s more from Gasol: “I wish I could have clarification right now, they can’t give it to me. They had to talk to management. We didn’t talk too much about the future. We talked about this year. We talked about how things went. It was really positive.

“It’s kind of early. If they knew it would be good to know. But I understand we just finished playing two days ago. Things don’t work that easily. At some point, I won’t worry too much about it. It’s something I’ve been through already this year.

“If something does happen, it does. If it doesn’t, I’ll be happy to be back next training camp ready to go and have a more peaceful year and focus on our goal to win a championship.”

Answering questions in English and Spanish, he also said of his talk with Kupchak and Brown:

“It was a nice conversation. I told them it was hard for me at times. I’ve never had to search for offense on the teams I’ve been on. They’ve always been given to me. To have to search for them, I have struggled at times with that. But, obviously, we have certain players who are also very good contributors. You have to make sure you combine all those weapons and make sure they work at their best.”