Metta World Peace receives therapy from children

Whenever a problem arises, Metta World Peace needs to speak. World Peace talks with his psychologist, Santhi Periasamy, often when he feels frustrated with his play, his business interests, the media or his personal life. World Peace uses these sessions as a sounding board. He also uses it as an outlet to prevent a small problem from becoming bigger.

It’s a serious issue, and why World Peace has devoted plenty of time raising money for mental health charities. But that doesn’t mean he can’t poke fun at his zaniness, either. Hence, why World Peace spoofed his therapy sessions through NOC, which produces short videos on the personalities and lives of professional athletes.

In the video titled Metta World Therapy, the Lakers’ star reveals all his insecurities with dramatic background music. The drama suddenly turns to comedy when the video shows World Peace’s therapists are random children.

Considering World Peace always shows his inner child, the theme seems quite fitting.

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