Metta World Peace wishes NBA fined both Reggie Evans and Gerald Wallace

The news first made Metta World Peace beam in excitement.

The NBA fined Brooklyn Nets forward Reggie Evans $5,000 for flopping on the Lakers forward during Tuesday night’s game, a new league initiative passed this season in hopes to deter such behavior.

“Yes!” World Peace said.

Then the news disappointed him.

The NBA didn’t take any disciplinary action on Nets forward Gerald Wallace, whom World Peace believed flopped twice in the same game.

“That’s ridiculous,” World Peace said. “Are you kidding me? That’s worse than Evans. I’d rather Gerald Wallace get fined than Evans.”

That didn’t happen, though.

Evans became the first NBA player to earn a fine under the new rule after picking up his second flopping violation. Under the new rule, players are fined $5,000 after the first warning and earn an additional $5,000 increase for each repeating offense. A player then earns a one-game suspension for the sixth violation.

Late in the third quarter, Evans drew contact on World Peace after making a pass near midcourt. But he overexaggerated the contact to make it appear like a shove. World Peace was then whistled for a foul.

That prompted World Peace to go vent his frustrations on his Twitter account. He reiterated those frustrations again before the Lakers played at Sacramento Wednesday night over the NBA’s rule. During training camp, World Peace charged at a reporter as a demonstration that most people can handle ordinary contact.

“We blame the refs for these missed calls, but the rules keep changing,” World Peace said. “If they stop changing the rules, the refs would adjust to it. They’re just trying to do their job. Back in the days, that was never a foul.”

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