Dwight Howard loses to Kings mascot in shooting contest

The rules kept changing.

L.A. Kings mascot Bailey arrived at the Lakers’ shootaround Tuesday along with the MLS cup to film some segments with various Lakers players. It featured them interacting wtih the mascot of the championship Kings and the trophy of the Galaxy’s MLS Cup.

Dwight Howard soon challenged Bailey to a free-throw shooting contest. He lost. Then Howard insisted Bailey’s victory wouldn’t count unless he won on the main court. Howard lost there too. Then he insisted they shoot behind the NBA 3-point line from the corner. Bailey wore a lion costume and “couldn’t really see the rim” as Howard marveled. Yet, Bailey still made five three-pointers before Howard did.

“Anything I can do to help the team,” Howard said. “I was being a team player today, missing shots. Allowing him to get his shots off so he can feel good about himself. Sometimes you have to lose to win.”

It looked like you were trying to win though, I said.

“No. I really wasn’t,” Howard said. “You have to lose to win.”

Not sure how that correlates into how the Lakers play tonight against the Indiana Pacers. Howard could’ve won both games.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s just a friendly game. I want him to feel good about himself,” Howard said. “That’s why I let him win. Kings are winners. See, we all are winners. He won. And we’re going to win tonight. Which means, that we’re all winners. Sometimes you got to lose to win. I would rather lose tonight than win now. It doesn’t count.”

That’s why Howard continued poking fun at himself for his poor game. When Lakers forward Pau Gasol walked by, Howard stopped him.

“Pau! Tell them how bad I was shooting today,” Howard said. “It was my worst day. Just all over.”

“Free throws, yeah, he was just a little off,” Gasol said. “He’ll get it together tonight.”

“It was my worst day,” Howard said. “Today was my worst day at shootaround.”

Especially after he lost a shooting contest to a mascot.

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