Kobe Bryant jokes plenty on team didn’t know Abraham Lincoln was assassinated

OKLAHOMA CITY — Forget about this being a team bonding experience. The Lakers are a veteran group. Even with the inconsistency, the team has mostly gotten along.

The Lakers viewing the movie “Lincoln” on their day off Thursday in Oklahoma City may have satisfied another purpose. At least if you ask Kobe Bryant.

“I enjoyed it; I don’t know what kids are studying in history class these days,” he said. “I studied Lincoln. But I don’t know if many guys on the team knew exactly who he was. I think it lent some good historical perspective.”

So does that mean, I wondered, that many of Bryant’s teammates didn’t know beforehand that John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre before seeing the movie?

“I’m curious to see if you took a poll, who would,” Bryant said with a smile. “Maybe it came as a great shock to them that Lincoln died at the end of the film.”

For the record, Bryant was just joking and being his sarcastic self. But several Lakers privately gave the film mixed reviews because it lasted 2 1/2 hours. That seemed so long that Lakers forward Jordan Hill shared that frustration via Twitter: “I fell asleep 8 times.” Lakers center Dwight Howard insisted Lakers guard Steve Nash “was snoring super loud.”

“It was a pretty good movie,” Howard said. “I liked it. I learned a lot about how Abraham and everybody else abolished slavery. It was pretty good. It was really long and really no action, but it was a pretty good movie. incredible.”


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