Kobe Bryant pays no mind to Lakers’ 1-9 record when he scores 30+ points

CLEVELAND — In what Kobe Bryant considers to be a “funny stat,” the Lakers are 1-9 when he’s scored at least 30 points in a game.

But the Lakers scorer hardly believed it indicated anything at all as to whether it reflects he shoots the ball too much or if he’s given little choice because of his teammates’ inconsistency.

“I shoot high percentages in all of them,” said Bryant, who’s shot a career-high 48.2 percent from the field. “I don’t think that’s any indicator of it.”

Both Bryant and Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni cited other areas that largely contributed to the Lakers’ 9-12 record. Both brought up the Lakers’ 29th place ranking out of 30 NBA teams in turnovers (16.33) and the team’s shooting inconsistency between wins (48.3 percent) and losses (43.6 percent).

D’Antoni also brought up the Lakers last-place ranking in free throws (67.8 percent) and fast-break points allowed (16.4). Meanwhile, the Lakers offense has averaged only 10.7 fast-break points per game, 24th in the NBA.

D’Antoni acknowledged though that Bryant seems to take over because the rest of the offense hasn’t generated enough points.

“When he sees that when the game is going down the sewer, he tries to take over,” D’Antoni said. “He does a pretty good job and can’t quite take over. That’s how I see it. A lot of times, he watches how the game goes and then he asserts himself when things aren’t going well. When things aren’t going well, a lot of times he can’t save them. But I don’t believe he’s too aggressive. I don’t buy that.”

Meanwhile, Bryant also pointed out he’s sat during fourth-quarter stretches during blowout wins. The Lakers have gone 5-3 when he played below his 37.4 minutes per game average. In three of the nine losses where Bryant scored more than 30 points, he shot above 50 percent.

“It’s weird how those numbers shake out and stuff like that,” Bryant said. “You can pull numbers all day. It is what it is.”

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