Look out, here come the mighty Bobcats

The Lakers returned home Monday to practice at their El Segundo HQ and prepare for the arrival of the dreaded Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday at Staples Center. The Lakers have winning records against all but two NBA franchises. The Boston Celtics are one, of course. The Lakers are 123-153 all-time against Boston. Amazingly, incredibly, the Bobcats are the other. The Lakers are only 7-8 against the Bobcats, who began play in the NBA in the 2004-05 season. The good news is the Lakers get the Bobcats at home, where they are 5-3 all-time against Charlotte. They’re only 2-5 against the Bobcats at Charlotte, however.

Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni was unaware of the team’s struggles against the Bobcats.

“That’s great,” he said. “I’m going to sleep well tonight. Thank you, I appreciate it.”

He laughed for a moment, then added in a more serious tone: “This is a hard game in the sense that any time you come back from the East Coast that first one back is tough. So, we really tried to stress where we are with our record. We cannot take this as anything but a really important game, so hopefully we get the message.”

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