Metta World Peace compares Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony

For someone who may or may not guard Carmelo Anthony when the Lakers host the New York Knicks on Christmas Day, Metta World Peace seemed awfully familiar with the opponent he may or may not defend.

The Lakers’ eccentric forward revealed this when he was asked the simply question on how he would compare Kobe Bryant and Anthony. After all, Bryant leads the NBA in scoring (29.3 points per game) while Anthony falls in second with a 28.3 points per game clip.

“They’re definitely different scorers,” World Peace said. “They both attack, get to the line and both can shoot,” said World Peace, who may start after playing the past two games on the bench to guard Anthony. “Kobe is a little bit more fluid and has more in his arsenal. Kobe definitely has more in his arsenal.”

World Peace then listed all of the varying shots Bryant can take.

“Left, right, head fake, step through, left hand, hook shot, everything,” World Peace said with a smile. “What do you want? He does it all.”

Apparently so.

Bryant’s 47.1 percent shooting mark represents his career high. Bryant has scored at least 30 points in eight consecutive games and 10 of the past 11, while also stringing three 40-point plus performances this season. Meanwhile, Anthony has scored at least 30 points in six of the last eight games and has one 40-point performance.

So what does Bryant have that Anthony lacks?

“Anthony shoots a lot a threes, spot up and quick. He gets off down screens really good. He gets to the basket really well. But Kobe has fades. Kobe has every single thing, man. Come on, like everything. Not everybody have everything. He has everything.”

World Peace then gushed about Bryant’s moves.

“Two dribble shot, three dribble shot, four or five dribble shot, 10 dribble shot. 24 second shot clock shot. No dribble shot. Shoot when I want to shoot shot. He has every shot. Kobe is amazing.”


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