Kobe Bryant takes over Nike’s Twitter feed

After once bristling over using social media, Kobe Bryant is slowly but surely starting to embrace it.

The latest sign: the Lakers star started tweeting on Nike’s Twitter handle titled @nikebasketball on Christmas Day and for at least a few days beyond.

Bryant first wished his fans a Merry Christmas while posted a picture with his wife, Vanessa, and two daughters, Natalia and Gianna. Bryant promoted his Christmas Day shoes. Bryant posted two pictures showing his ice bath treatment following each game. And after the Lakers’ 100-94 win Tuesday over the New York Knicks, Bryant provided a big picture assessment in 140 characters.

“14-14 not great but we are getting better,” Bryant said. “It’s all about the journey.”

Bryant’s journey into social media has evolved within the past year. This past offseason, Bryant began using a Facebook page mostly to post injury updates and promoting his Nike shoes. During the 2012 London Olympics, Bryant posted frequently about the various events he attended and his assessments on Team USA’s march toward Olympic gold in men’s basketball.

Imposters attempted to create a Twitter account on his behalf twice within the past year, but they immediately were shut down. That probably won’t happen again.

“So yes I’m finally tweeting!!” Bryant wrote. “Mamba out.”

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