Kobe Bryant unsure if he will have permanent Twitter account

Kobe Bryant described using Nike’s Twitter handle from Dec. 25-27 as “cool” and “fun,” but he sounds unsure on whether he will set up a permanent account.

“Maybe,” he said. “The one thing about me is when I’m doing it, I enjoy doing it myself and putting the time into it. I don’t know if I have the time available to give the fans the attention they deserve.”

A reporter then remarked that even the Pope has a Twitter account.

“I don’t know if he’s tweeting himself,” Bryant said with a smile. “It’s hard for me to imagine him up there on his phone tweeting.”

Most of Bryant’s tweets centered on posting pictures of his Nike shoes and family portraits and messages about working hard. Bryant said “the coolest thing about that is the one-on-one interaction.” But Twitter’s settings don’t make it possible to see such interactions unless a user follows both accounts.

Bryant has slowly but surely become involved with social media.

He frequently posts on his Facebook page since this past offseason, including pictures of his time at the London Olympics, links promoting his Nike brand, injury updates and messages mostly about maximizing one’s talent. Bryant said his initial resistance hardly had anything to do with not liking social media.

“I just didn’t know how to use it,” Bryant said. “I decided why not give it a shot and talk to the fans directly and I found it to be enjoyable. I had a good time. I heard a lot of good comments and you’re able to get a lot of great feedback about the game and the product as well, what they like, didn’t like, it’s the best way to gauge reaction.”

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