Magic Johnson, Chris Paul, Steve Nash star in NBA promo

Too many times this season, opponents wondered where Clippers guard Chris Paul was on the court.

They’d try to keep their feet set, but Paul would run right by them. The defenders convinced themselves they wouldn’t fall for his cross over dribbles. It happened anyway. They’d try to communicate and stay alert on rotations so they wouldn’t fall victim to a Blake Griffin highlight reel. But then Lob City ensued.

Famed director and New York Knicks fans captured that element in an NBA promo that literally features Paul disappearing into thin air, leaving everyone wondering where he is. Then – POOF! — Paul reappears again. Meanwhile, Magic Johnson and Steve Nash admiringly watch this greatness unfold at a restaurant booth reserved for the NBA’s best point guards.

“He’s the best right now in the game at the point guard position,” Johnson said of Paul at his respective position. “There’s no denying that. He belongs there.”


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  • Jon K

    Over-rated as a director. When is he going to make ANOTHER film about discrimination or a revenge film featuring a black protagonist?

    If it weren’t for racism, this guy would have no career.

  • Jon K


  • Mark Medina

    Jon K – So you weren’t a fan of “Kobe Doing Work”?

    • Jon K

      It was “okay.” Clearly the title is retarded.

      • Mark Medina

        There wasn’t anything racial about it

        • Jon K

          No, not in particular.

          Spike Lee has an odd relationship with basketball and race. He seems to view basketball as a unique expression of black culture, so he’s comfortable working with it.

          Give him something truly racially neutral and he has no context to storytell.

  • spencer

    jon k, just shut up with the race crap.

    • Jon K

      I’m just noticing the obvious. Deal with it, punk.

      Spike Lee couldn’t pull off a race-neutral “Charmin” commercial if his life depended on it.