Will Ferrell kicks Shaquille O’Neal out of Lakers game

Among the reasons Will Ferrell used his newfound powers as a Staples Center security guard to kick Shaquille O’Neal out Tuesday of the Lakers-Suns games.

1. The Lakers’ 91-85 win Tuesday over Phoenix was downright awful. Nine third-quarter points. A Kobe Bryant intent on passing so much that he went 1 of 8 from the field and committed eight turnovers. The Lakers making a win against the Western Conference’s worst team as difficult as possible. Ferrell was doing Shaq a favor.

2. Dwight Howard ordered Ferrell to do it. He hardly sounded excited after the game that Shaq was in the stands. The Big Fella has needled him plenty of times, and Howard would hardly want Shaq making faces at him should he need to make a late-game free throw.

3. Kobe Bryant was behind the prank. The two are apparently not feuding anymore. But this gesture would’ve been a nice teasing way for the Black Mamba to express his new-found affection for his former adversary.

4. Shaq and Ferrell are just comedic geniueses. When the Staples Center scoreboard turned on him during the game, Shaq pretended to aggressively make out with a male fan sitting next to him. Sporting the name “Ted Vagina” on his ID badge, Ferrell looked in character as the Staples Center security guard with a stoic and serious expression on his face. Classic stuff.

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