Mavericks owner Mark Cuban explains on Tonight Show why he won’t talk about Kobe Bryant anymore

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he’s not going to talk about Kobe Bryant anymore.

The reasons go beyond worrying if he’ll light up Dallas again after making suggestions the Lakers could use the amnesty clause on him to clear up cap space.

The NBA fined Cuban $500,000 for making such remarks, something that the Lakers also considered “inappropriate.” In his appearance Thursday night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Cuban also suggested the NBA warned him of more consequences if he talks about other team’s personnel.

“I would never say anything about Kobe, but what happened was I was trying to explain the collective bargaining agreement, which is hard to do and why the Mavs have signed certain players and not some others so I had to give an example,” Cuban said. “One of the examples I used included a player on the Lakers, but I can’t really go into it because the league called me up like they like to do and said, ‘You say one more word, and it’s going to cost you.’”

One of those drawbacks includes hearing the backlash from Lakers fans, who know a thing or two about feeling offended over the slightest dig at Bryant.

“I cannot even talk especially on Twitter. Everybody on Twitter, they get Twitter courage. If I even mention a Lakers name, my Twitter timeline just heats up with everybody,” Cuban said. “They’re going to burn down my house. They’re going to beat me up. They’re going to play me 1-on-1 and just stomp me. It’s just horrible.”


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