Steve Nash says he’s “not himself” in Lakers’ Game 1 loss to San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — It took Steve Nash three weeks to return to this point, but he made it painstakingly clear that he’s far from fully healed from a sore right hamstring.

Nash only described his hamstring as “okay” after 16 points on only 6 of 15 shooting in the Lakers’ 91-79 Game 1 Sunday of their first-round series against the San Antonio Spurs at AT&T Center.

“I’m not myself. I’m not moving that well,” Nash said. “I was struggling a little bit. There were a few shots I would normally make.”

Will Nash feel healthy enough to play Wednesday in Game 2?

“I hope so,” Nash said. “You never know what happens tomorrow. I want to keep going. I’m hopeful I can keep going.”

Nash played 29 minutes in his first game since missing the previous eight contests. At times, Lakers guard Steve Blake took over point-guard duties while Nash played off-the-ball. It also remained clear Nash struggling setting Pau Gasol, whose 16 points on 7 of 16 shooting mostly came on jump shots.

Nash received an epidural shot Tuesday to improve the nerves surrounding his hamstring. But he said he’s not able to have another shot for three more weeks. But he sounded adamant about staying on the court so long as he’s medically cleared.

“It’s important to try and contribute,” Nash said. “We don’t have enough points in our lineup.”

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  • Rey Sahawi

    He is not himself pleaasse. He better cause it will be a sweep. The CBA contract for both Kobe and Pau is the reason the team is not competitive and the coach who fails to realize what roster he has. I want the lakers to be sweep so Dantoni can be fired. Please bring in Brian Shaw, Byron Scott or Nate Mcmillan. to be the next coach. Phil Jackson is too expensive.

  • grokit

    He shouldn’t have gotten the start at PG, he’s not ready. Instead let him run the 2nd team with Gasol at center, that would be a great 1-2 punch off the bench.

  • Paul Robinson

    I wondered why they played you anyway. You should came off the bench like Ginobl

    • hookedonnews

      Nash scored 16 points in 29 minutes with 3 assists and 2 rebounds. He made 1 turnover, unlike the rest of the team who were turnover machines. Nash at 50% is better than anyone else they’ve got right now. There’s no reason for him not to start. He was not the problem yesterday.

  • Paul Robinson

    D.Antoni is not ready!

  • hookedonnews

    Just happy to see him back. He may not be 100%, but aside from the missed shots he would normally make, I thought he played well. He took care of the ball (unlike most of the rest of the team) and his 16 points and 3 assists were really needed. If we can limit turnovers and make a few more shots, we should be able to beat SA.