Dwight Howard accuses Spurs of flopping

The Lakers have tried nearly every tactic in navigating the relentless pressure the Spurs have fronted Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol this playoff series.

They’ve tried force feeding it inside only to result in more turnovers. The Lakers have taken outside shots to space the floor, only for many of them to clang off the rim. They’ve repeatedly tried swinging the ball around in hopes of throwing the Spurs’ defense off balance.

With the Lakers entering Game 3 Friday of their first-round series against San Antonio nursing a 0-2 deficit, Howard has tried another strategy.

The Lakers center openly accused the Spurs, namely Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter, of flopping when he was called for two offensive fouls in the Lakers’ Game 2 loss Wednesday in San Antonio.

“I got a lot of my fouls on the offensive end just posting up,” Howard said. “I thought the flopping rule was going to be put in this year. But I guess that’s up for next season.”

The NBA announced harsher penalties during the postseason for repeat offenders, including a possible suspension after the fifth transgression. The league will also levy fines to players that flop starting at $,5000 for the first flop, $10,000 for a second violation, $15,000 for a third and $30,000 for a fourth.

Such measures are slightly harsher than the penalties implemented this season. The NBA office warned a player after his first flop before following with fines of $5,000 for a second violation, $10,000 for a third, $15,000 for a fourth and $30,000 for a fifth transgression.

To Howard’s dismay, most of the whistles in Game 2 went toward him, including a technical foul early in the third quarter after arguing with officials. Howard then collected his fourth foul with 8:37 left in the third quarter after charging into Splitter, a sequence that kept him sidelined for the rest of the quarter. With the Lakers trailing 88-74 with 6:54 left in the game, Howard then picked up his fifth foul for getting called for an offensive charge against Duncan.

Howard finished with 16 points and four blocks, but his five turnovers and five fouls limited his effectiveness. He also allowed his emotions to get the best of him throughout the game. Yet, Howard vows he won’t change his approach even if the whistles keep blowing.

“They need me on the floor, but I can’t stop being aggressive,” Howard said. “I have to post up hard. I want the ball so I will post up and get it. It’s a battle. It’s the playoffs. You have to fight for every possession. From the beginning of the game to end, we have to show the refs and the other team how we’re going to play. Usually the refs make adjustments. But I can’t change my style of play. That will benefit the Spurs.”

So did Howard’s persistent foul trouble.

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  • Fan

    Howard stop bitching like a little girl cause you got beat … All you have are excuses why you didn’t win instead of answers …. Weak !!

  • richie449

    they called the offensive fouls because they were…..you blew over Splitter and Duncan had his back to you when you pushed off.

  • BobbyBarker

    Surprised he didn’t accuse Bonner of flopping after he put him on the ground with that vicious elbow to the head. Should have been at LEAST a Flagrant 1 if not a 2.

  • James Rodriguez

    Drama queen. Talking about flopping. What about flopping on the entire city of orlando. Fucker. Suck a fat one dwight howard

  • LVlII

    All San Antonio does is fall to the ground to get the whistle. Flopping is for bitches who cant play a mans game.

    • Yeah, like Dwight and all the Fakers. If Dwight thinks they are going to listen to him after all the lies he says, they aren’t. Face it Dwight and all the Fakers fans, you are going to get swept!!

    • Yeah rights LAkers are Playing like a MAN!

    • Hilda Orduno

      Like the Lakers would know how to play a man’s game! That’s why the Spurs are kicking their behind.

      • andrew

        You do forget that Kobe isn’t playing right? And most of our team is injured? And the starting 5 have played 0 minutes together? Right? Even with our team at full strength I didn’t think that we would win especially with D’Antoni at the helm.

    • Michael sanchez

      Lakers are crying again cause things arn’t going there way,just like this bitch.

  • Nik

    Yeah because pushing off Duncan while he had his back turned is legal!

  • Does he knows that everytime you lowered you shoulder to get in a position is a foul that is not a flop, he had some chippy fouls but that is because his basketball IQ you low that is not a flop Duncan is just so smart

  • dino

    have the lakers ever been in foul trouble?ever?they cry foul so much it hurts on the other foot.kobe drives a waaaaaaaaaabulance

  • Chris

    Whine whine whine, you are going to be 3 games down after tonight. Show some class dude. Go Spurs Go!

  • Kay

    If he would stop running into them and shoving them and knocking them to the ground he might not be called for fouls…didn’t he get the memo…only Manu is a flopper and he didn’t flop all year. When was Tim ever known as such? Grow up Howard stop being such a baby.

  • Andrew

    Howard needs to make old man Dunkin and Splitter pay for their flopping. I didn’t think the Lakers would have won especially without Kobe but if the Spurs are going to flop then Howard needs to make them pay like Shaq used to. Old man Dunkin may think twice if Howard stops being soft. If they are going to call a foul anyway what’s the difference? I wouldn’t say that the foul calls are what is keeping the Lakers from advancing. It is mostly the coaching and injuries.


    Cut out all that cryin Dwight!!! You left a city (Orlando) that gave you the keys to the city..and their hearts. But YOU wanted Bollywood. Well, you got it!!
    4 zip and all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bafire77

    All Howard knows how to do is dunk the ball. No jumpshot, no ball handling skills…He’s crying because the Spurs are showing everyone that he’s a one-trick pony.

  • Sam1521

    You guys are all effing morons. All Dwight is asking for is for the same standards on both ends. He gets slapped and hammered on the offensive end and the Lakers get whistled for effing taps and touches and little bumps on defense. IF YOU DO NOT SEE THIS YOU ARE BLIND. Watch Games 2/3 all over again. Out of the four offensive fouls on Dwight, only 1 was legit. A lot of the fouls on defense are pathetic to call fouls. Fuck all you guys.

    • dan evans

      boo ho ho. cry babies

  • dan evans

    howie, pls look at the replay in slow mo and see if it was a flop or not. then complain……… you’re ssuch a cry baby….