Video montage features Kobe Bryant’s difficult shots

When no one is looking, Kobe Bryant practices them. When everyone is watching, Bryant attempts them. And when the odds suggest otherwise, Bryant often makes them.

Bryant’s 17-year NBA career spans plenty of qualities that’s earned him five NBA championshps, two NBA Finals MVPS and a fourth-place stnading on the league’s all-time scoring list, ranging from playing through injuries and obsessing over everything basketball. But nothing defines Bryant’s legacy more than his ability to make seemingly impossible shots.

We’re talking up-and-under reverse layups, jumpers while facing double teams and fadeaways over the backboard. No one has performed an exact breakdown of what percentage of Bryant’s 31,617 career points reflects the difficult shots he made. But it’s safe to say that skillset enabled Bryant to post a career-high 81 points in a game. It helped him convert on countless game winners. It left defenses in fits over wondering if a double or triple team will do enough to stop him.

Sometimes it has. Many times it hasn’t. And the video montage above shows how Bryant converted a seemingly impossible shot into one he’d normally make.


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  • LakerTom

    Mark… Wow! Thank you. What a pleasure to watch. I think even the most devout KB24 fan forgets how crazy athletic and creative KB8 was. Nothing like listening to Chick call those plays too. Makes you very sad and nostalgic about what Kobe and Shaq could have accomplished if their egos didn’t get in the way.

    Young players searching for tips on how to improve their game would be wise to learn how to use the basket to shield your defender as you make a reverse layup. What’s scary to an old fan like myself is that I remember watching many of those shots but I don’t remember those Bruin blue uniforms. LOL.

    Was this an old compilation, Mark? I couldn’t help but notice that there were no clips of KB24. Thinking of Kobe’s place in the pantheon of greats, no way the Lakers cannot hang up both of Kobe’s jerseys. Young Kobe was more athletic and creative than any of the young gun looking to steal his thunder today, if you’ll forgive my pun, but I think KB24 might have had some even tougher shots in his portfolio.

    We’re truly blessed to have had two great Kobe’s playing for the Lakers. What I am looking forward to is Kobe coming back and reprising the Logo’s move to the point. Before Mamba’s impossible career comes to an end, I’m looking for a third reincarnation of Kobe and a bunch of young Lakers guns to launch our third KB dynasty. It may not happen until next year, but I’m hoping and praying Kobe will play a few more years.

    • Mark Medina

      What’s so interesting about this video is after a few minutes in, you almost get numb to Kobe making those shots. I think that kind of personifies his career well. It became easy after a while to just consider this to be easy. Kobe sure made it look easy and he had the talent/work ethic to make it happen. But very few could do what he’s done on a basketball court night in and night out.

      • LakerTom

        He’s got a GREAT reverse layup with a million ways to get it off. Most fans don’t realize how much energy it takes to score 30 ppg against the kind of coverage Kobe attracts. You can’t take a 10 minute per game player who scores 10 ppg and expect him to triple his points if you triple his minutes. You have to really WANT to score and we all know that’s what Kobe loves to do.