Elgin Baylor’s memorabilia spurs high demand

Elgin BaylorElgin Baylor insists his intention to auction off hundreds of memorabilia spanning his 14-year career as a Laker had nothing to do with any financial troubles.

Instead, he insisted it had everything to do with wanting to donate a portion of the proceeds to various charities that he wants to keep private. Whatever the case, Baylor’s memorabilia appeared to be in high demand when he auctioned them off Friday at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills.

Baylor’s 1971-71 NBA championship ring boasted a $40,000 starting price. It ended at $132,000. Baylor listed his 1959 NBA All-Star Game MVP Trophy to be worth at least $1,000. It sold for $43,750. The famed Lakers listed his NBA 50 Greatest Players Signed Lithograph at $300 and 50 Greatest Players ring to be worth at least $30,000. They were bought for $53,125 each.

No one compiled more of Baylor’s memorabilia than David Kohler, the president of SCP Auctions. He successfully bid on 40 pieces of Baylor’s collection, including Baylor’s championship ring, his Lakers’ warm-up suit ($21,250) and jacket ($20,000) as well as his NBA All-Star game trophies spanning 1959  ($9,375) and 1969 ($10,000).

“As the gatekeeper of the most extensive collection of Lakers memorabilia – ‘The Laker Shrine’ – it is an honor and a thrill to be able to add some of Elgin Baylor’s Lakers memorabilia to the collection,” Kohler said in a statement. “Elgin has always been one of my all-time favorite players of the many Laker greats. These items represent a treasure trove from the career of one of the most outstanding players in Los Angeles Lakers and NBA history.”

Other highlights of the auction included his Basketball Hall of Fame Certificate of Election ($12,800), game worn Bronzed shoes ($8,750), the Elgin Baylor Night Los Angeles Lakers Presented Chair sold ($11,875) and his NBA Career Highlights Plaque ($10,625).


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  • LakerTom

    Morning, Mark. I have always wished that Elgin had waited one more year to retire. Ironically, he retired 9 games into the Lakers 1970-71 championship season and the very next game the Lakers started their record 33-game winning streak. Despite the timing, the Lakers made sure that Elgin got his championship ring. Elgin was the prototype for the great athletic superstars that followed.

    Younger Laker fans who never saw Baylor play really missed something. He was the player for whom Chick coined the phrase “hang time.” Elgin would go up for a jumper, stop at the 10th floor and wait for his defender to stop falling to 9th and then 8th floor before calmly swishing his sweet jumper. Hang time. It’s a shame that to many Lakers fans, Elgin was just that Clipper general manager that Donald Sterling screwed over and threw away. Elgin didn’t deserve that.

    A 6-5 power forward with hops as good as any of the young athletic studs in today’s game, Elgin could rebound, pass, and score as well as any power forward in history. He still holds the NBA Finals Game 7 scoring record of 61 points (in a loss to you know who) and once held the NBA single game scoring record of 71 points. We talk about Wilt’s 100 points and Kobe’s 81
    points but forget Elgin’s 71.

    • Mark Medina

      Jerry West has often remarked that Elgin Baylor was the most overlooked star among the Lakers. Says a lot that upon West receiving word that he’s getting a statue, he immediately said that Baylor should already have one

    • LakerTom
  • barry1817

    a great player that gets lost because the game was far from the popularity it now has, and social media and television were far less prevalent.

    To give an idea, the night Chamberlain scored 100points, the reports are no TV and less than 10,000 in the building.

    When West and Baylor were the dynamic duo, the sell outs, the show time and the excitement that the NBA generates weren’t there.