Oddsmaker favors Houston Rockets to sign Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard has left Los Angeles, but he hasn’t officially decided if that means he’s leaving the Lakers.

He went to Colorado and plans to stay there at least through the 4th of July holiday to mull over his free agency decision, according to a source familiar with his plans. But that’s not stopping everyone from guessing where Howard might go.

That speculation goes beyond the media, front offices and agents. Even gambling website Bovada has gotten into the mix.

Those seeing this situation through purple and gold colored glasses won’t like the outlook, though. Bovada considers the Houston Rockets the favorite with 7-5 odds, while the Lakers rank second at 9-5.

Sportsbooks in Las Vegas aren’t placing such bets for obvious reasons. There’s too many parties with possible inside information regarding Howard’s decision, including people close to him, his agents, the NBA teams courting him. But two days into his free agency, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what Howard will decide.


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