Pau Gasol tries to reach Lamar Odom for support

Pau Gasol

As they played together on the court, the chemistry with Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom went beyond playing off of each other’s versatility. Their four seasons with the Lakers also entailed the two sharing a common bond in another way. Both Gasol and Odom remained positive locker room forces with their team mindset, willingness to sacrifice and amiable personalities.

So it should hardly be surprising that amid reports that Odom is currently battling drug addiction that Gasol expressed concern.

Gasol’s support entailed more than just offering condolences in 140 characters. In followup message to a fan, Gasol also revealed he’s tried reaching out to Odom personally.

It’s not clear if Gasol’s efforts proved successful. But his attempt speaks both to Gasol’s affection for Odom and the seriousness surrounding his personal life.


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  • James

    Hope the best for Lamor odom ! Lakers should have never traded him ! So sad to see Someone like him , a season away from being the nba sixth man of the year , and now not playing for any organization and going threw a drug problem !
    Hope the best for him.

    • Tyler Durden

      that drug thing is all hearsay!

      • BBALL FAN

        Naw Dude dat pipe is a BITCH!!!

  • Terry

    Laker fans will always wish lamar well, hard to hear all these stories about him. I hope he realizes how blessed he’s been throughout his life and pulls out of this rut.