Kobe Bryant fan-made video presents his “Last Chapter”

So what will be Kobe Bryant’s “Last Chapter?”

Will it show Bryant still playing at an elite level? Would it still be enough for the Lakers star to hold up another Larry O’Brien trophy? Or would the Last Chapter reveal Bryant’s unsuccessful attempt at beating back Father Time possibly exacerbated because of his left Achilles injury? Would it also show the Lakers further and further removed from their once glorious history?

As Bryant has said and showed during his rehab, he’s clearly not going down without a fight. He’s advanced in his rehab enough show his progress by jogging on a weight-bearing treadmill. He’s proven he’s not letting an injury inhibit him after jumping off a diving board into a pool. And of course, Bryant’s compiled a proven track record in his 17-year NBA career that he can overcome plenty of obstacles.

A fan-made video produced by YouTube user m2e1iriko provides somber music to a somber time when Bryant suffered the injury April 12 against Golden State, leaving Lakers fans, announcers and Bryant himself unsure of the road ahead.

But even through the self doubt, Bryant pledged to do one thing.

“I got to be resilient,” he says. “I got to be resilient. This thing is not going to beat me.”


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