Kickstarter raising funds for Steve Nash documentary

Steve Nash has compiled an extensive basketball resume racking up assists, and now a company producing an upcoming documentary on his life would like some from the general public.

Directors Michael Hamilton and Corey Ogilvie have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $110,000 up through Oct. 16 to finish “Nash: The Documentary.” A version of the independent film was already screened at Vancouver Film Festival, but that happened before Nash signed with the Lakers last season to a three-year deal worth $27 million.

The updated version, as shown in the trailer above, features interviews from Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, Tony Parker, Baron Davis, Yao Ming, NBA Commissioner David Stern, rapper Snoop Dogg, actor Owen Wilson and even President Barack Obama.

“I think you’re measured not just by your skill or your fame or your wealth, but by your character,” President Obama says in the film. “I think by that standard, Steve is going to do very well.”

Those looking to fund have a number of different payment options, all of which is measured in Canadian dollars. That includes exclusive updates on the film’s progress ($5), a digital movie poster ($10), digital movie poster and postcard ($25), DVD of the documentary ($50), print version of the movie poster ($75), a T-Shirt ($150), a phone interview with the documentary’s directors ($250), end credits on the DVD ($350), a following from @NashMovie on Twitter for at least a year ($500), two tickets to the red carpet premiere in either Toronto or Los Angeles ($800), a Nash signed jersey ($2,500), a rented out theatre of the donor’s choosing that can screen up to 50 guests ($5,000), an appearance in the documentary ($7,000) and an interview in the documentary ($8,000).

Nash has granted exclusive access to both his public and private life for this documentary, but the directors stress that they don’t want any funding from anyone within his camp. The documentary strives to capture his Canadian upbringing, his NBA success and his philanthrophic work. But they remain mindful on how any monetary support from Nash’s camp would compromise the film’s integrity. Hence, they are asking for the general public’s support.


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