Baron Davis spoofs Steve Nash’s comeback video

Steve Nash’s stoic demeanor, his relentless work ethic and the ominous background music epitomized the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Lakers’ guard’s health. As captured in Grantland’s video series charting Nash’s comeback and detailed in this newspaper here and here, Nash’s unyielding resilience hasn’t overcome the persisting nerve issues that have plagued his back, hamstrings and left left for the past 1 1/2 seasons with the Lakers.

It makes for a both compelling and depressing storyline. Compelling because Nash’s professionalism has emerged amid a terrible circumstance. Depressing because a two-time NBA MVP and one of the best point guards of this past generation has become reduced toward a talking point among Laker fans about his presence clogging up the team’s salary cap. But amid those dark themes, former Clippers guard Baron Davis found a way to spoof Nash’s efforts in the video highlighted above.

The parody works, in part, because Nash and Davis are close friends and have worked extensively before on silly videos. But it also reveals the dry humor both of them possess. And for Nash, he’s still able to maintain that outlook despite the negative circumstances surrounding him.


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