Lakers to build independently owned practice facility

The Lakers plan to build a modern practice facility in El Segundo that they hope will attract future free agents and give them more room to run their day-to-day operations.

The Lakers announced on Tuesday that they entered an agreement with CDC Mar Campus, LLC to purchase a five acre undeveloped portion at Campus El Segundo near the northwest corner of Mariposa Avenue and Douglas Street. It’s not clear when construction will take place or finish, but the completion of the purchase hinges on the City of El Segundo’s approval.

The Lakers currently practice at Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo that is shared with the NHL’s Kings and a skating rink often open to the general public. The Lakers would own their future facility and would have more room to accommodate their day-to-day business and basketball operations. The Lakers’ current facility has only one basketball court and its office space is somewhat cramped. The Lakers’ marketing, ticketing, corporate sponsorships and community relations are located in a different building about a block away. The Lakers also have no sign of their logo outside of the building proclaiming their existence.

The Clippers opened a $60 million practice facility in Playa Vista in 2008 that includes two basketball courts, spacious offices and expansive video and weight rooms. They had practice before at Spectrum, an El Segundo health club, and L.A. Southwest College.

Part of the Lakers’ thought process entails wanting to have another mechanism to attract free agents. But it is unclear if the new facility will be built in time for the 2015 free agent class that includes Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge.

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