Jordan Hill say it’s “tough to say” whether he returns to the Lakers

Jordan Hill said it’s “tough to say” on whether he will re-sign with the Lakers. Among the other bullet points from his exit interview:

Why he thinks he would attract teams during free agency: “I feel like I ‘m a good fit for any team, rebounder, energy guy and go out there and play hard 24/7. I can definitely alter and block shots that come to the basket and get your buckets. I feel like I’m a great fit and want to go out there and play on any team that needs a guy like me.”

On if will he return to the Lakers: “It’s tough to say right now because of how the season panned out. I had a great time here and whatever happens and I didn’t take Lakers out of my teams I would play for.”

On Mike D’Antoni’s assessment that his inconsistent minutes stemmed from having fatigue when he logged heavy minutes: “It gets tiring at times. But I feel like I have that adrenaline flowing”

Hill on D’Antoni: “We didn’t have any problems. We never argued. I never snapped out on him. He never snapped out at me. We communicate.”

Hill on Chris Kaman’s frustrations: “Chris Kaman was a butthole sometimes. But I can definitely understands where he comes from.”

On the Lakers’ poor defense: “We had the guys who could defend and have to put more energy into on the offensive side instead of the defensive side. It was free agency. Everyone would be a free agent … We can get points on the board. That’s what D’Antoni’s system for to get points on the board. We focused on that more than on defense.”

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