Nick Young joked Mitch Kupchak said he will re-sign him for $100 million

Whether this marked the end or just the beginning regarding his time with the Lakers, Nick Young sure provided the laughs during an otherwise dismal seasonn. Among the highlights:

-Young said Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak “was going to sign for $100 million. Hopefully he wasn’t lying. I’m just kidding.

-Young will opt out of his $1.2 million player option, though he hopes to stay with the Lakers: “It’s home for me and I pretty much haven’t been in this situation where the ball is in my court.”

-Young added that Kupchak relayed it would be better if he just opted in. Said Young: “I don’t know Mitch. We’ll see. Have your people call my people.”

-Young said his biggest highlights entailed his ejection against Phoenix and his 40-point performances. In all seriousness, he thought his ejection and calling teammates out for not defending him showed a moment of growth. There, Young both showed that he cares and that he’s not afraid to stand up for himself.

-Young on the Lakers’ long-term future: “The Lakers are never out. I’ve never seen the Lakers not make the playoffs two years in a row. They find a way to get in it through some kind of drastic change.”

-Young argued he could still thrive in the same scoring role presuming Kobe Bryant is healthy since he would likely come off the bench.

-Young conceded he still needs to sharpen up consistency on defense

-Young: “I’m still learning how to watch film…instead of just watching highlights of myself.”


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  • Bruin’77

    Young is a good player at a low price (over $2 mil is TOO much) to bring off the bench- he is a gunner, but bring him in and see if he is hot, if not put him back on bench. His defense is terrible, and he is good at no more than $2 mil a year… NOT a guy we need but ok to bring back if cheap! other wise NO!