Kobe Bryant appears with soccer stars in latest Nike video

Kobe Bryant loves watching the greats.

It goes beyond idolizing Magic Johnson in the 1980’s, Michael Jordan in the 1990’s or even admiring his own work since then.

The Lakers’ star seeks inspiration from the greatest in their craft, providing another reminder of the hard work it goes into producing such talent and a different resource to sense how those in different fields stay innovative to remain innovative. Combine that mindset with his love for soccer and a pretty fruitful business partnership with Nike, and it only seems natural Bryant would serve as a special guest in the shoe company’s promo that features numerous soccer stars that will appear in the 2014 World Cup.

Nike’s so-called “Risk Everything” campaign entails a film called “Winner Stays,” taking a childhood concept into how pickup games are played and morphing it into a who’s who of soccer stars competing on the pitch. Brazil’s Neymar Jr., Portugal’s Cristian Ronaldo and England’s Wayne Rooney are all soccer players that appear in the film, and are one of many stars Bryant loves to watch on the pitch.

It’s safe to say they likely like to watch Bryant on the basketball court, too, mindful that his commitment toward excellence remains a universal concept among all sports.


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