TNT’s Charles Barkley criticizes Magic Johnson’s tweet about Mike D’Antoni’s resignation

EL SEGUNDO - 02/19/13 - (Photo: Scott Varley, Los Angeles Newspaper Group)  At the Lakers practice facility in El Segundo, Lakers players and staff reflect on the passing of long-time owner Dr. Jerry Buss.

EL SEGUNDO – 02/19/13 – (Photo: Scott Varley, Los Angeles Newspaper Group)
At the Lakers practice facility in El Segundo, Lakers players and staff reflect on the passing of long-time owner Dr. Jerry Buss.

Charles Barkley offered some harsh words surrounding Mike D’Antoni’s resignation as the Lakers’ coach.

Unlike most of those that tweet, leave comments on message boards or call the radio airwaves, Barkley wasn’t among the many piling on D’Antoni for his two tumultuous seasons with the purple and gold. Instead, Barkley took directly aim at a player he once teamed up with on the 1992 Dream Team.

“Magic Johnson is bigger than that,” Barkely said Wednesday night on TNT. “Mike D”Antoni is a good coach. They didn’t give him a lot to work with.”

Well, the Lakers have plenty when he joined them five games into the 2012-13 season with a star-studded roster in Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace. But Nash had a major leg injury, Bryant and Howard had a major personality clash and D’Antoni had major philosophical differences with both Howard and Gasol on his fast-paced offense that put less of a premium on post play.

This year, the talent cupboard went bare. The Lakers finished with a 27-55 record, sixth-worst in the NBA, which in large part stemmed from the players missing a combined 319 games because of injuries, most notably to Kobe Bryant (torn left Achilles tendon) and Steve Nash (nerve root irritation in back). The Lakers also assembled their roster featuring a barrage of players — many of whom either lacked success or prominent roles elsewhere — on one-year deals.

That’s why Barkley hardly took issue with D’Antoni wanting assurances the Lakers would exercise his team option for the 2015-16 season.

“I think he realized the Lakers are not going to be any good next year,” Barkley said. “Mike D’Antoni is a good coach, a great guy and a great coach. But he knows they weren’t going to be good next year and would just be fired next year. To coach next season on a mediocre team and get fired at the end of the season, it’s a tough situation. The Lakers are going to stink next year. He didn’t want to go down with the ship.”

D’Antoni remained largely unpopular with the Lakers’ fan base after he was chosen over Phil Jackson to replace Mike Brown five games into the 2012-13 season. D’Antoni’s 67-87 record (.435) through two seasons entailed countless injuries, mixed support for his fast-paced system and subpar defensive performances.

“The Lakers weren’t to win with Phil Jackson either,” Barkley said. “They don’t have good players. We know Phil Jackson is arguably the greatest coach ever. The Lakers don’t have players. They’re not a good team. I don’t even know if Phil Jackson wanted that job. The Lakers stink and they’re going to stink.”


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  • Jim213

    Mike did scold Laker fans by telling them to root for another team if they didn’t support his…

  • Okobah Chris

    Charles Barkley is not talking as an honest analyst but as a person with hate,.We know that Charles loves the Lakers to fail because he was a failure as a player ,he played like a brainless basketball player and was voted MVP that was considered the most undeserving MVP ever. How do you retain a coach that failed? the issue here is not wether the player were hurt or not ,but because his system is hurting the player. .Charles you need to have your head examined

    • Okobah Chris

      Charles Barkley stinks

      • Shelly Sterling


    • Ryan Cole

      And you say Barkley is a hater? Please explain how he was a brainless player and didn’t deserve his MVP.

    • soseph


    • devonte bryant

      Dam I thought I was the only one who felt this way

    • Lakers Suck

      What did he say that wasn’t true?? The Lakers we’re garbage this season and will be garbage next season as well… Truth hurts doesn’t it??

      • Albert Cruz

        We got us a hater, hope you enjoyed those 16 titles they won

    • Jack Valentine

      Come on man. He is totally right. Its disrespectful to make a public remarks like Magic did to anybody. Yeah he may be sucks at coaching or did not have pieces to work with but the guy dont have job right now and Magic publicly express his happiness because of that? Anyway, I hope he finds success somewhere else. Go Lakers.

      • To be honest about the whole thing. I hated that the Lakers hired him to began with. I don’t care what Magic said. D’Antoni is a millionaire, and I have no sympathy for him resigning/being forced to resign. He has never won a title, so for Barkley to call him “A great coach” is pure BS.

      • Trane93

        Magic is outspoken, always has been..but he loves the lakers and hated the road they were going down…we all know Dantoni cant coach..he doesn’t coach defense, that philosophy wont get u far in the NBA..thats exactly why he dosent have any rings..even if the lakers had chris paul, dwight and Kobe, they would never won a ring with his system…Magic has 5 rings, owns the Dodgers and has been successful in all his endeavors…he can say what he wants..

        • Shelly Sterling

          Can he say whites suck and shouldn’t come to Laker games?

          • Trane93


          • GUDTES

            Nope betta not

      • Jaii

        He has no job by choice. He choose to leave and not finish his last year of his contract apparently because the Lakers wouldn’t automatically pick up the option year in 2015…..

    • Trane93

      Couldnt agree with u more..Barkley, although a great player, hates those who have won championships…hes envious of those on TNT… and he does hate the lakers and Kobe…u can hear it in his vioce evrery time he discusses that topic…if not for the olympics he would’ve never experienced winninig on a championship level…the Laker roster is not that bad…they have some good young talent, sure they could use upgrades…D’antoni doesnt coach defense, never has. He could be the coach of the Miami heat and wouldnt win a championship…shut up Charles!!!, your opinion is not merited

      • Lenita Davison

        im with you ! and also D antoni would be good for a run and gun team like warriors for instance. He was never a good fit for the LA even gasol said there was no discipline if Pau is sayin that come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joseph Apohen

      Charles is right about Magic’s comment slamming MDA. Kick the man while his down? Llike Charles said, Magic is bigger than that. I guess he just could not hold back his excitement. Mike was a good coach and just an unfortunate victim where the fans did not want anyone else but PJ. The fans never gave him a chance. In addition all the injuries of course contributed to the Lakers demise. His personnel did not suit his style of play and he never even thought of defense.

    • jason

      charles says something negative about the lakers because he was a failure as a player hahahahahahahaha. this coming from a laker fan. listen to ur self for 2 seconds. re read what u wrote. hahahahah

    • Wow you sound like a total idiot!

    • rhee

      You are such a fucking moron.

  • RM

    Magic is a Laker, obviously he wants his team to win. DAntoni had Howard the year before. He couldn’t win and don’t preach defense, I’m with Magic, Life is good

    • LakersSuck

      LoL, Ya we’ll see how good it is when the Lakers win 20 games next season..

      • Albert Cruz

        Don’t worry about us fool, worry about your sorry team

        • lakers suck

          My team is on the road to a championship, not worried at all but thanks Fat Albert

          • Albert Cruz

            Oh you mean like the 16 we have dumbass? On the road and getting one are two different things wannabe

          • lakers suck

            Enjoy those, it will be a very, very long time before you get another. Very long…

          • Albert Cruz

            I enjoyed all 11 in LA…it will always be something to celebrate.
            As for long time, I heard the same moronic crap in 2006 also

    • Imagine12

      No Kobe or Nash and Howard completely disinterested. Howard was there last year but this year he was in Houston.

  • kazhoshay

    Barkley is a MORON. No one takes this clown seriously, Barkley needs to understand that his presence on TNT is for the comedic value and sometimes outrageous musings. Barkley is the only one who thinks D’Antoni is a good coach, no wonder he never WON ANYTHING. I never played BBall, I have as many rings as Barkley & D’Antoni together…..ZERO!!

    • Lakers Suck

      You’re a moron.. Barkley is regarded as one of the best analysts by his PEERS! Who are you?? Your opinion means nothing.. He had nothing but facts. D’Antoni will coach next year and produce a better record than the crap Lakers.

      • Lenita Davison

        Hater wow you must be a celtic fan lol :0 or your team isn’t in the playoffs!

        • Santiago

          It’s funny how laker haters LOVE trolling on Lakers sites! ! Barkley is still bitter cause he never got a ring

      • Giancarlo v

        Best analyst!!.lmao Barkleys horrible and his hate for the Lakers is obvious.He opinion is worthless on Tnt ..Magic IS “the Lakers” and help build the on the legacy of the franchise.He only expressed what all of LA was feelin.when the news broke.

      • Albert Cruz


      • ColeWorldNoBlanket

        Fuck u hoe

      • Kareem S Butler

        Barkley is not a great analyst, he is great comedy like Shaq. If they wanted a great basketball mind you bring in Hubie Brown, Steve Kerr or Jerry West. Chuck is still on of my all time favorite but isn’t he the guy who wouldn’t foul his buddy MJ in the 91 Finals?

      • jason

        as a laker fan i agree w u, but its hard just bc ur a troll w ur name. if ur name is lakers suck obviously they have caused u nightmares. regardless, barkely is one of the best and hes right in this case.

    • durantula.

      He is way smarter than you on basketball. He predicted the Knicks downfall when no one else did. He knows what he’s saying. You just can’t admit the team sucks and will suck for the next 2 years. Clippers own you now.

      • Albert Cruz

        You mean KKKlippers.

      • jason

        im not sure the clippers own us, they dont own anything, other than black people, pun intended. but i agree w barkley, lakers will not b title contenders next season


      Moron! That’s an understatement!

    • james from la

      admitting that u have never played basketball and then commenting that charles barkley is a moron just goes to show your own stupidity….and saying d’antoni is a bad couch because he doesnt couch defense…uhm these guys are in the nba when it comes to playing defense or offence the coaches can put in what ever system they want the extent of the success that those systems have comes from the ability of the players to buy into the mentality the coach wants the team to have….the effectiveness of a teams defense in the nba comes directly from the players efforts on defense…if you dont want to get beat you wont let your man beat u no matter what type of defense your team is running….to put the latest downfalls of the lakers on the fact the the couch doesnt “couch” defense is just asinine…the team was plagued with injuries…d’antoni and dwight n gasol never saw eye to eye….and if u say its because he wanted to run a fast paced offense that rediculous too because when guys like steve nash n kobe are healthy they love to run and gun… otherwords charles hit the nail on the head n u guys gotta stop n look at the big picture here

  • soseph

    For someone who has NEVER won big or been attached to one organization he sure is opinionated about things he has never experienced. He ought to just stick with analyzing NBA games period, and stay out of everything else. But of course he is entiltled to HIS opinion.

  • devonte bryant

    I’m sorry but Charles Barkley dam what he said about magic but he didn’t have to dis that team and who was not get that’s a great team just had a bad coach 2 seasons come on now you played the game you should have not just said the Lakers were a bad team they just had a bad coach who didn’t adjust to the players I wish I could show Barkley he is wrong and he didn’t have to disrespect the Lakers

  • Gandalf47

    I only have three words for Chuck, “Pot, kettle, black”.

  • Brandon Myers

    The amount of ignorance in this thread is amazing. I’m half expecting you to start ragging on Jerry Sloane as a poor coach for having never won a ring also. Charles is spot on with his analysis, and if any of you think that the coaching was the problem this year then you are straight up delusional. Jesus Christ himself couldn’t have coached this injury-plagued, tapped out group of d-leaguers into the playoffs.

    • Albert Cruz

      What, NO D’Antoni was a horrible fit for this team, his offense is more suited for college where 18 yr old kids can run all day not 34 yr old men, he ran half the team into the DL injury after injury and he is clueless about defense but you say he’s a good coach…LMFAO

      • Brandon Myers

        He was a bad fit once Steve Nash went down, which was only compounded by the loss of Kobe Bryant and having no stretch bigs which are part of his system. Literally everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, D’Antoni realized this, and let a lot of undiscovereds play. I’ll give him coaching cred for making Nick Young look like a pretty decent basketball player.

        • Albert Cruz

          And why did Nash go down? Because he was trying to run a hyper drive offense at 40.
          Same for Kobe.

          • Brandon Myers

            Nash went down because of nerve damage in his back. It’s more of a natural degeneration than anything, and Kobe wasn’t exactly sprinting when he injured himself.

          • Albert Cruz

            And you don’t think it was because of the fast paced offense? Ok.
            I guess all the injuries to all the players were a coincidence too. Never have I seen such a turnover of players due to injuries in a season.
            I think his offense would do great in college or a young team but not an aging team like the Lakers where the half court game would be more prevalent, Howard would probably still be a Laker too. Stupid Buss made the wrong choice in D’Antoni and D’Antoni will never win a title unless he incorporates some defense too.

          • Brandon Myers

            I don’t think I’d disagree with what you’ve said, but Phoenix did a pretty good job with an aging group of players, including Tim Thomas, Raja Bell, Grant Hill, and a Nash who was in his thirties.
            I’m not here to debate what mix would be best for D’Antoni, everyone knows that he needs more shooters and runners, I’m saying that D’Antoni was dealt a bum hand with injured stars, a bunch of scrubs, and a completely disengaged Pau Gasol. He’s a coach who has led some of the most successful teams of the mid-late 2000s, and I’d bet every red cent I had that no one could have led this year’s Lakers to the playoffs. Their roster sucks that badly.

        • rhee

          You are an idiot. He went down in the 2012 2013 season before D’Antoni even arrived.

    • lakers suck

      Preach. Delusional Lakers fans man lol.

    • Imsouptight

      Jesus Christ would have just healed everyone.

      • Shelly Sterling

        Don would have just fired everyone.

    • Trane93

      No DEFENSE..D’ANTONI DOESNT COACH DEFENSE…thats the problem…the lakers scored well in games but ranked 28th in defense..D’Antoni teams has never been in the top as far as defense is concerned…the lakers had streak of 3 losses giving up a total of over 400 points combined…are u kidding me!!!..u score 120 and give up 145..please D’Antoni will never be a championship coach

    • Albert Cruz

      The reason their was so many injuries is due to that ridiculous fast paced offense he ran.

    • Jason

      Jesus would have at least had them contending for an 8 seed.

  • quickster

    Charles Barkley called it like he seen it. The Lakers will suck next season. You have two has been(Nash & Bryant). Kobe might pull it off of being great for about 20 minutes. If he plays close to forty minutes I doubt it. He is a senior citizen. Old by NBA definition. The Lakers (that’s you Jim Buss) now that you got rid of one problem let see what you can do. You are being judge from what you can do from now on. The Lakers should make the playoff in 2016. If not pack your bags and let somebody else run the team. I’ve been watching the Lakers since Magic was playing. Jerry Buss did a fantastic job of making the Lakers a dynasty.

    • dre

      How can you say that about kobe, he’s the reason why a lot of people and fan stop watching the NBA even with KD and the rest of them the view went down

      • Brandon Myers

        He can say that because he’s not deluded. He knows Kobe has been in the league for over half his life, is old by NBA standards, and is coming off one of the most delicate injuries in professional sports. His guess that Kobe will be severely diminished is a rational, likely outcome.

  • missilac

    Barkley……LMAO… we laugh at what comes out of his mouth…..Nothing credible about the NBA in general. He is a well known Laker hater and trash talker with NO RINGS to back his NBA knowledge.

    It is evident that unless you are a real LAKERS fan, you “Sir Charles” and everyone else, don’t get it. WE GET IT, MAGIC!! So go on with your “life after your basketball career is over with no championships or rings on your fingers but can only get a wannabe analyst job”. All you got is your money-making mouth.

  • Albert Cruz

    Didn’t give him alot? Kobe, Howard and Nash? Hello

  • Enrigue Ruiz

    Magic Johnson tweeted like us Laker fans would have. He is a Laker and just said what all of us thought. For once it was great to hear him not talk like a business man or tv analyst. He spoke from the heart and we all love him for it. As was mentioned earlier, Charles didn’t stay with one team, or have allegiance to one team like Magic did, so he doesn’t truly understand how a real fan feels.

  • Basketball Fan

    Why didn’t Magic tweet that when Mike Brown left??

    • Celtics Stink

      Maybe because MB wasn’t nearly as bad as Dumantoni

      • Louis Garcia

        More like because Brown was black.

  • corky carroll

    Charles Barkley is ALWAYS entertaining, no doubt about it. Bummer he is such a Lakers hater, but so what….he is still entertaining and says what he thinks. He is right about the Lakers stinking… but we, as Lakers fans, sure hope he is wrong about them continuing to smell bad. And I love Magic. Just glad these two are still around and giving us stuff to smile about. Two GREATS. Keep it up guys. And GO LAKERS

  • eric

    Charles is just a hater….stop hating….and by saying that team stinks u mean like u did in ur playing days ha ha ha..

  • blackorpheus

    Barkley talks out of the seat of his pants. Magic is right; D’Antoni didn’t have a healthy team. but he alienated important players unnecessarily because he was obsessed with a single style of play which marginalized even the best bigs in the league, like Pau and Dwight.

  • The X Factor

    Lakers will not suck next year the resignation of Mike D. Opens up the window for Jordan Hill, Gasol, and Kaman to return. That trio will be deadly given they all return. Gasol start at 4 , with Hill at the 5. Nick Young , Meeks, Farmar, Kaman, and maybe Kelley off the bench we will make the playoffs.

    • moas

      Wow another good eye for talent, please keep your day job.

  • Brandon

    Feel whatever you like about Charles, he knows basketball.

  • Kony 2012

    Chuck was absolutely right about everything he said, and if you’re too biased as a Laker fan to admit that, you’re an ignorant buffoon.

    • moas

      Wellsaid sir l

  • TCorpses

    Barkley is well known for publicly attacking even his best friend Micheal Jordan. He has no boundries. That makes him a good announcer but he’s like Rush Limbaugh…entertaining, but full of baloney.

  • Arlene A LeBeauf

    Charles Barkley should Criticize Himself for Being an Ignorant Analyst.. He is still so Jealous! Grow Up. Just because You are Loud, Curse and Use Ignorant statements does NOT make you A Leader and Does NOT prove anything. D’Antoni is a GOOD Coach just Not for Lakers. I wish D’Antoni the best in his future coaching Jobs. We Need Coaches that are Retired Lakers Players that KNOW What it takes to Win, Sacrifice and that Will and Heart to WIN…Let’s Get This Party Started……

    • joemama

      What’s up with all of your capital letters?

  • SBmani

    Cheap shot by Magic. Barkley is correct, Magic is a class act and is way above this. Barkley is also right that the Lakers didn’t and don’t have good players; something the writer of this article fails to come to terms with. Dwight Howard is good, but his best this year teamed with a young, healthy James Harden looks like its good enough for a first round playoff exit. Last year, Howard achieved the same result with the Lakers playing for D’Antoni – AND that was teamed with an aging, volume-shooting Kobe and the great Steve Nash who is three years removed from being great. The Lakers have had to rely heavily on Robert Sacre, Jodi Meeks, and Kendall Marshall the last two years. Robert Sacre! I love Phil Jackson, but even the great Phil Jackson couldn’t make it out of the first round the two years he had to play Smush Parker and Kwame Brown. The team he lost to both those years? Thats right, they were coached by Mike D’Antoni. Farewell Mike D., you deserve better.

  • Rigged4fun

    Magic spoke out of turn that’s true, but Barkley is entitled to his opinion. We all know that his opinion has been spotty at best.

  • sicktiredth

    Barkley is wrong about this like he is lately about so many other things related to basketball. D’Antoni was wrong for the Lakers team, and his style was absolutely wrong and many believe that it contributed to the many injuries. His decisions on who to play and when was shown over and over again to be ignorant?
    I and the great majority of fans are ecstatic that D’Antoni is gone, it was just depressing to watch him always looking so down, angry or dejected, as if it was everyone’s fault but his own, and his coaching had nothing to do with it.
    Charles, you’re an entertaining nice guy, but your basketball sense on this situation is all wrong!

  • Amos

    I will admit that it was in poor taste what Magic said about D’antoni. But that’s coming from a Laker Legend and he knows that that is not Lakers basketball style. Now grant it, we didn’t have the super stars that could have done better at playing, but to have a record like the one we had is awful. D’Antoni had a style that was not fitting with the young roster that we had. No defense will never win games. Keep it half court and the suckiest team has a 50/50 shot at winning.

  • Thegreat1

    And how many rings do Barkley have again….?

  • Kirk Kelley

    I will admit that Sir Charles often comes up with some good points…but seriously, it’s his caustic delivery and know it all attitude…that and his speech that reflects the fact that he wasn’t educated at Auburn, he just went to play basketball…

  • Guest

    Moron!, that’s an understatement !


    Ask Charles segment: how many donuts can you eat in 60 seconds?…….Kobe Bryant TBT lmbo

  • Guest

    16x fool

  • John Fleischmann

    I don’t think an old washed up airbag like Barkley has a clue about Winners, check out his ring collection, D’umbtoni had to go he was a virus on the Team.

  • FredJ

    28,000 retweeted Magic and 17,000 hit the favorite button. Magic should have been more careful with his joy, but being scolded by Charles Barkley for doing so is as hypocritical as it gets considering the number of players and coaches Barkley insults on TNT all the time.

  • hadewest

    Every laker fan agrees with Magic, he did say anything negative about the gu

  • Louis Garcia

    D’antoni is a good coach, not great but good, he was in a tough situation in LA. If you fans remember Pau and Howard were on and off injured last season and this season everyone was injured at some point. He was not right for this team and that is fine. I think what bothered most people is that Magic seemed petty in his celebration, he is a professional and should act like one. After the Sterling audio came out there was all this talk about basketball fraternity , a brotherhood of players and coaches that stick together, yet this man is kicking a coach while he is down minutes after he lost his job. Magic was a competitor when he played and im sure there were players who did not like him as well as coaches, did anyone come out and say “Magic retired he has aids, couldnt be happier” He also coached the lakers and was absolutely terrible, players did not listen or respect him and noKareem or Worthy didnt come out and say “Magic is fired couldnt be happier” it was a very classless move and very hypocritical of Johnson.

    • Jim213

      Other post closed! Don’t matter

      “How could he possibly coach this team next year, without support from the FO?” Simple. show better EXECUTION the following year (3rd yr). He has had 2 PRIOR years to show better execution. But tho his first year was better he didn’t show much which goes for roster adaptation.

      “The team is not going to add another superstar this off season.” Hold that thought, anything is possible this off season especially when Jim has 3 years remaining before stepping down. Thus, for those who want a slow rebuild think again.

      Aside of that agree that Magic could’ve handled his responses better tho in now way does it correlate to him being classless or a racist. Mike Brown only lasted 5 games so it was unexpected even for many fans tho they didn’t like Brown too but they were willing to give him a shot. Two years with this former coach was more than enough time.

      “Mike Wilbon are vey alike in this manner.” Smh, didn’t know they were twins, but it doesn’t mean anything especially if Wilbon would’ve mentioned something similar. But it would’ve been like adding more fuel to the fire. Mike W has called Jim – Jim Bust on air accidentally tho apologized for it. These people need to watch what they say especially if they’re within the media.

      Look at KD’s Mr. Unreliable (media) resulting in backlash.

  • Stew Renak

    Magic needs to keep his classless opinions to himself; for some reason he feels the need to be the voice on anything and everything. D’Antoni had a crappy team with over paid, over the hill players that couldn’t keep healthy. Who needs that headache? Good luck to his replacement. That’s all Magic needed to say.

  • Sean Cobb

    Charles say it the way it is. Magic is really a racist.

    • PacificSage

      The story is about respect.

      YOU are the racist.

      • Sean Cobb

        No you are the racist.

  • Sean Cobb

    Magic couldn’t coach his way out of a shoe box. Who is he to rate a coach?

    • moas

      So true…

    • PacificSage

      He’s a franchise owner & represents 200 billion.

      Who are you to comment?

  • moas

    How about steve nash as a player/coach?

  • Marlene

    Barkley, you should be bigger than that. At least Magic Johnson is capable of being truthful. You need to admit that you just don’t like the LA Lakers.

  • TruthSerum

    The comments made by magic were very insensitive… But it wasn’t like he was lying…

  • Marlene

    I want to know why it is okay for Barkley to talk trash about the women being big in San Antonio. Isn’t that racist? I think Barkley needs to be careful what he says or it’s gonna be a repeat of the Donald Sterling incident.

    • joemama

      Hardly racist…it’s more like sexist.

  • PacificSage

    Magic said the obvious truth.
    Funny how the trolls who wine about political correctness are all over this
    Seem A LOT like racism

  • bigcat

    I’ve been a laker fan and loved the 80s and magic…but I have to admit Magic hasn’t shown much class lately

  • aaron

    Mike Antoni (yes without the D) is okay coach with the right players. He had a chance with the team last year a decided not to slow his offense down with 2 NBA all star centers and Kobe Bryant. To run a high powered fast paced offense you need young athlectic players. Lakers were anything but young. Do you see the Spurs running that kind of offense???? NO. Do you seem tony Parker or Tim Duncan playing 35+ minutes a game like Kobe did? Why do you think Kobe BLEW out his Achilles on a routine basketball move (FATIGUE) due to Mike offense and LACK of LEADERSHIP he has as a man amongst men. He needed to go. Magic voiced his opinion. Its over. Charles Barkley is a joke.

  • Steve

    This article is about Magic Johnson being classless, period.

  • Faceda59

    Magic spoke the truth.I don’t think he’s happy the coach lost his job.He’s happy that Mike won’t be coaching in La!I’m very happy about that.He treated Pau,Hill,Kamen,and all the Laker bigs like trash.Hell Mike Brown got us to the playoffs.We never should have hired the Mikes……

  • Enrique Munoz

    C’Mon Charles like you haven’t said anything mean in your career. I have always liked your opinions onN.B.A team’s and players. But the facts you never won an N.B.A. title,Magic won five. Even though he was mean with those comments no one is going to feal sorry for D’Antoni who will still get paid 3 million and do nothing. D’Antoni is a good coach not great. Great coaches adapt to their players needs to help them succeed. D’Antoni did not change to help Dwight Howard’s game or Pau Gasol. You probably like D’Antoni because you would have liked playing for him. He does not hold his players accountable on defense. You never played defense. And you would have scored more points on offense but still you would never won a Championship with D’Antoni as your coach.

  • Iphoneadopteer

    Charles was right. It wasn’t coaches fault for poor effort and injuries. And Magic had always had some chip on shoulder about Lakers brass.

  • Julian Lennon

    For somebody who is sensitive about being discriminated upon, Magic surely was not sensitive enough to feel bad for D’antoni and even have to insult him. I grew up watching and idolizing Magic. For me, He was the NBA during the 80’s. I personally respect Magic for what hes done for the league and we all know that if it weren’t for him and Bird, NBA wouldnt be where it is now, but Magic needs a lesson in humility. His comments was tasteless, classless and out of character.

  • Pringles

    They can’t win with Phil Jackson? whuuut? The 2012-2013 Lakers could have won it all if only they have had the right coach with the right system.