Magic Johnson on the ruling in Donald Sterling case: (Smiles)

At today’s press conference introducing Byron Scott as head coach of the Lakers, Magic Johnson was asked about his response to the ruling in the Donald Sterling case – allowing the sale to Steve Ballmer to proceed. Here’s what he said:

“What’s my reaction to the Sterling ruling? What do you think my reaction to the Sterling thing is? (Smiles) Do you see this? I don’t think you see this. (Laughs) I don’t have anything bad to say about him right now. I’ve said already that I’m praying for the man. But it’s a great day for Clipper fans, for this city. Ballmer is going to be an exciting owner, and a good owner for the Clippers. You talk about a guy who wants to win, and who loves basketball. He’s going to do everything he can to put them in a championship position because he wants to win so bad. You have to give Shelly a lot of credit. This was tough for her. But I respect what he did. I have no ill-feelings toward Donald. It was too bad what happened. But when you’ve been discriminated against this long, this is what happened. I hoped that this thing would end soon because we need to get back to our lives and you guys need to start cheering for the Dodgers as we approach the playoffs.”

From Jill Painter, Los Angeles News Group

  • tikibam

    Mr. Johnson owes his contractual wealth to White people. If he truly was concerned about racism, he might have a comment on how a black president can get away with murdering all ‘white people’ with drone strikes. Sterling started his own businesses and worked to create his wealth. How all these black athletes are so quick to see that taken away from him just on Sterling’s
    private thoughts shows how truly neanderthal these nigroes remain.

    • Santiago Matamoros

      Perhaps Magic was misquoted or he misspoke; if he meant that Sterling’s discriminated against others for a long time, then that makes sense.

      But Magic is not a victim. He’s been a star almost his entire life, and he’s a favorite son here in Los Angeles and always will be.

      As for “neanderthal” and “nigroes”? The Neanderthal were fully human; their DNA is present in our own.

      And don’t be such a racist, liberal.