Lakers react to Steve Nash’s Facebook post on back injury

Although Steve Nash was not at Lakers practice, his Facebook post was the topic of conversation as Byron Scott addressed the post with the media.

Scott read the post moments before speaking and found it sincere and as he agreed with Nash’s assessment on the difference between swinging a golf club versus defending NBA players, he believed Nash was beginning to admit that his playing days may be over.

“It’s given me insight on where he’s leaning towards,” Scott said, “He probably feels he did everything in his power in the last two years to get in unbelievable condition and put himself in a position where he felt he could compete again. But as we went on through training camp, the more he played, the worse it got.”

Scott also reflected on his own process with that from his 14 years playing in the NBA. Whereas he could get in shape in three weeks during his 20’s, it took longer in his 30’s so he understood Nash’s dilemma with Nash having far more mileage than he did.

“It’s very hard for any athlete to say I can’t do it anymore. You’re the last one to admit it but I think he’s gotten to the point where he’s probably starting to admit that he can’t play this game at a high level anymore,” Scott said.

He added that he had not spoken directly with Nash yet but planned to do so in the near future.