NBA free agency: LaMarcus Aldridge reportedly rules out Lakers

Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge, left, met with the Lakers’ brass when free agency opened Tuesday night. don ryan — the associated press

Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge, left, met with the Lakers’ brass when free agency opened Tuesday night. don ryan — the associated press

Despite issuing a full-court press with a two-hour meeting, the Lakers will not land LaMarcus Aldridge in free agency, according to reports from the Los Angeles Times and Yahoo! Sports.

One league source categorized the reports as “false.” But both detailed Aldridge apparently feeling unimpressed with the Lakers’ presentation, believing that it put too much focus on branding opportunities over both basketball strategy and the team’s rebuilding.

The Lakers brought a full cast to the meeting, most notably Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, coach Byron Scott, general manager Mitch Kupchak, president Jeanie Buss and executive Jim Buss. The Lakers’ meeting also included assistant general manager Glenn Carraro, senior vice president of business operations Tim Harris, team publicist John Black as well as representatives with Time Warner Cable SportsNet and AEG.

Aldridge also met with the Houston Rockets, the San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns.


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  • Arthur Jury

    Re.NBA free agency: LaMarcus Aldridge reportedly rules out Lakers. LA Times reporting that Aldridge had a negative reaction to Kobe’s pitch that it is “his’ team and LaMarcus should come here and be his “no. 2”, “wing man”, “second fiddle”, etc. Another free agent ‘run off’ by Kobe.

    • Eric Kleman

      Lakers didnt need him anyway..Need a true center not another power forward

  • Eric Kleman

    I cant understand how all the sites say the lakers cant afford 2 major contracts because of salary cap ..I understand kobe takes 25 million and then some backups are there , but how is Cleveland throwing all the money around and not over the cap..Lebron will get max and Love just signed 110 million or so and tristan thomas or thompson got 80-90 milllion and irving is getting paid ..Are they actually over the cap and if not HOW?

  • Marvin Morris

    My name is Marvin Morris. I am a die hard Laker fan. I am a high school
    coach in Delaware. I took one of the smallest high school in Delaware to the
    Conference Championship in 2014 with limited talent. The Lakers are allowing to
    many free agents to pass them by. Your approach is all wrong. A potential free
    agent don’t want to hear we can’t win now. We can win now if you add the right
    pieces. I am going to give you scenarios that potential free agents would
    believe that they have a chance. The Lakers creditiability is poor because of
    recent events. We need to reestablish that. Here are some ideas and line up that
    would compete for a NBA Title.
    1. Russell
    2. Kobe
    3. Wade
    4. Aldridge
    5. David West or Deandre Jordan, or Robin Lopez

    1. Clarkson
    2. Young
    3. Barbosa
    4. Ed Davis or Hill
    5. Randle
    6. Kelly
    7. Black

    The moves would get free agents interested and willing to give it a shot in
    Los Angeles. Spend the money this year. A big TV deal will happen next year and
    the year after. Make it known that the Lakers will do what it takes to be
    Champions again. I could win with this team. Line up the current NBA Champions
    against this team. We would win. Please Mr. Buss listen to reason. We can make
    this happen.