Lakers’ Brandon Ingram drinking BiPro to get stronger

Amid his never-ending quest to become stronger, Lakers forward Brandon Ingram has kept a few things in mind.

His 19-year-old body will fill out naturally with age. He has turned to weight-training exercises that focus more on developing lean muscle mass than worrying about becoming a body builder. And he has resisted the urge to eat ravenously for the sake of adding more pounds.

All of which explains the thought process behind Ingram using BiPro, a whey protein isolate brand, since last summer. The company says its protein water has 20 grams of protein, zero grams of sugar, zero grams of fat, zero grams of carbohydrate and 90 calories per bottle.

“The other protein drinks I tried were loaded with sugar and tasted chalky,” Ingram said in a statement. “BiPro was just really easy to drink and then I did some research and found out how pure it is. That’s when I knew BiPro was the right protein supplement to get ready for the season.”

As shown in the Lakers’ recent win over the Clippers, Ingram has often become a target of abuse from opponents. Though he has still adjusted with his production (7.5 points on 34.9 percent shooting), Ingram has thrived off of the physical contact with aggressiveness in the post. While he has eaten nearly every three hours to gain weight steadily, Ingram has also depended on a protein drink that has since become a partnership.

“Adjusting to the pros isn’t easy. Going up against the best players in the world every night, I know I need to get stronger,” Ingram said. “I want to make a mark in this league. BiPro is going to help me do it.”


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