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Nash on being Nash again

Nash is shooting just 29 percent from the field, having played in three of the Lakers four games.
“I’m optimistic,” Steve Nash said. “I’m still fighting (nerve damage). I’m still optimistic I can get to the highest level I can get to. I’m still feeling (things) almost every game. It’s not just that spot (on the side of his body). The whole system is just different. I’m a little more sensitive. It’s a freaky thing. I’m still effective, and I can get better.”

Who wants to play with who again in Lakers rotation lobbying?

If you’re keeping score at home, 7-footer Chris Kaman wants to play more with 7-footer Pau Gasol, who would like that also. And when Gasol is done fighting this respiratory issue, he’d like to play more minutes, too.. And Gasol would like to play more with Jordan Hill. And, well, you get the picture.
At least D’Antoni had a good laugh trying to keep all these requests straight.
“Chris likes to play with Pau. Pau likes to play with Jordan. I’m sure Wes (Johnson) likes to play with somebody, but I don’t know who it is yet,” D’Antoni said with a shrug and a smile. “I’m sure (Gasol) does because Jordan Hill does all the dirty work. It’s just the way it is.”