Precious cargo

That’s what my Dad always used to say to anyone driving us to anywhere. He would watch as the driver would back up, raise a palm to stop him, lean in, and say, “Be careful. Remember you’re carrying precious cargo.”

He would say it even if only one of his six daughters was in the car, or all of us. Mom would remind drivers of that too.

So it begs reason why a 36-year-old mom would have 10 drinks and smoke marijuana before attempting a 100-plus mile drive from an upstate New York campsite to her home. She had five children in the minivan with her. Four of the little ones, including the driver’s own 2-year-old, were killed when she drove the wrong way on a parkway north of New York City.

Read the full story here.

It’s sad to read her husband say he didn’t notice anything wrong with her before they parted, or her relatives insist the children were always her first priority. What happened then? Why did she make the choice she made?

I don’t drive with my glasses on because I feel I lose too much peripheral vision and I like to joke if I could tie mattresses on all sides of the car, but especially where the kiddos sit, I would.

Because it takes one time and one wrong choice to lose it all. Precious cargo.

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  1. Maybe the GREATEST topic that I read all year!!!


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