Murs at 2009 Paid Dues Festival

25850-MURSPDBIG2009-thumb-400x266.jpg(Photo by John Valenzuela) Murs, co-organizer and founder of the Paid Dues Festival, had to have been the busiest man of the night. 

Besides taking care of all the business (behind the scenes with the artists and in front of the scenes as an artist), Murs actually ran the iPod of instrumentals for New York artist Cage earlier in the day. Cage’s stream of consciousness set did not go over well with some fans near me (one guy was loudly telling him to get off the stage).

During the performance, Cage refused to perform any of his older material (“You’re wasting your time, folks”) and said his DJ was stranded at the airport.

Nonetheless, thanks to Murs for getting him out there and also for freestyling with host 2mex when Blu and Exile did not show because of a car accident.