Mexican Institute of Sound e-mailed interview for 2009 Coachella festival



Here is an e-mail interview with Coachella artist Mexican Institute of Sound’s Camilo Lara. The group performs at 12:45 p.m. Sunday.

1. Where were you when you got “the Coachella call” and how did it feel?
I screamed really loud. I was with some people that don’t give a s*** about it. So when I told them, they where like “uhh…what is Coachella?”
2. How important has television been in reaching new audiences for your music and what made you choose television as a way to reach people?  MTV, mun2, etc?
Well…it is hard to really know. They have been very supportive but I don’t know how much kids watch TV nowadays…

I believe the CNN of the moment is youtube. MTV is myspace and Big Brother is twitter…

3. Is there anyone at Coachella you’re looking forward to seeing?
Yes!! Zizek – love them…also Buraka Som Sistema…and my favorite band on earth…My Bloody Valentine. I can’t stop listening to the new Horrors album – so I guess I will see them too!
4. When people speak of your band in the same breath as Kinky and Nortec Collective is that unfair since each group is so different musically in approach?
No, it’s all good – they are friends and I understand why people say that. But it is like saying that Bob Marley is the same as Peter Tosh. I guess from a tourist point of view, yes, it is the same.

I guess we all have some similar Mexican roots. So we do have something in common.

5. What are your thoughts on being lumped together with other “Mexican electronica” groups?

I see that not only in Mexico, but all over Latin America. It’s an amazing bunch of creative people. I feel more close to Toy Selectah, Disco Ruido, NSM PSM, or Silverio. I always wanted to be an electronic artist, but every time we are in a festival they tell us we are not electronica. Instead, they tell us we are rock. So at rock festivals, they tell me I do cumbia. And at cumbia festivals, they tell me I do shit. So I’m a total stranger to everyone. Sad…
6. How important is sampling to the Mexican Institute of Sound sound? What do you look for in a sample?

Very important. I don’t sampler other people’s music. I sample speeches, voices, sounds, etc. I love how it sounds. I love music that is not perfect. I love the scratching…lo fi sounds.

7. Do you see a time where sampling is not used as the group goes forward?

No, it is part of me. If I do something sample-free, I will call my project another name.

8. What is the difference live using live bass and drums instead of just using DJ equipment?

I never DJ…don’t like it…never been good. In the past, we did a pseudo live show. Now it is totally live and it is more chaotic…more crazy!
I simply love the energy of live music.

9. Do you have any thing special planned for Coachella (guests, a different set, etc.)?

Yes, a brand new set – playing tons of “Soy Sauce” and an amazing neo mariachi outfit designed by the famous Mexican designer Paola Hernandez.