The perils of parking at Coachella

To someone who has never been
to Coachella, it might be easy to laugh at the notion of someone not being able
to find his or her car.

But with six parking lots and thousands of cars, it
actually can be easier than you think.

Last year I was among one of
those people wondering around the parking lot looking for the car.

But this year my sister and
I vowed that it wouldn’t happen to us again.

Apparently many made the same
promise because this time around I noticed several cars with balloons. That
could only mean one thing: they were using them as markers to find their cars at the end of the night.

I have to give them props for being
innovative, my sister and I based our car-locating efforts on landmarks.

Needless to say one of those
was a balloon, and we found the car in a manner of minutes.

Next year I’ll probably bring
a balloon.

That’s if I can remember.