Reverend Horton Heat at Stagecoach was hot

Lame headline, sorry.

But if you get the chance to catch Dallas Texas’ Reverend Horton Heat, like Earl Scruggs, go.

Unlike Scruggs’ bluegrass, Heat– real name Jim Heath who plays in a three-piece band — plays rockabilly and punkabilly but the result is the same (at least for me). You won’t be disappointed with his talented musicianship and catchy songs. 

On Saturday, inside the Palomino tent, Heat performed “Galaxy 500” to an appreciative crowd who danced and sang along. He had the same result for “It’s Martini Time,” which had most of the front row audience holding up their beers and singing along.

He even played a couple of newer songs he said he would put on his next album which appeared to win over the audience really easily.

Granted, these people are drinking but the music didn’t sound too bad to me.