Stagecoach and Coachella similarities and differences

Lets start with stage names.

Which, for the record, are Mane, Mustang and Palomino. For Coachella it’s Coachella, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi tent, Mojave tent and Sahara tent.

The audience at the Stagecoach Festival runs from young to old, which was the case with Coachella also, at least on Friday (Paul McCartney and Leonard Cohen definitely helped).

A lot of cowboy hats, cowboy boots and blue jeans (I even saw a confederate flag syled bra) are at the Stagecoach festival Coachella tends to bring more diversity (so much that I can’t actually think of a theme right now but I can tell you I didn’t see any confederate flags).

The lines to the I.D. check here run what look to be 70 to 80 deep. Coachella’s I.D. check was maybe half (but then again at Stagecoach you can take your beer anywhere unlike Coachella where you are stuck in certain areas).

Kidstown. There is nothing like this at Coachella.

Reserved seating. See above.

Stagecoach BBQ. See above.