Brad Paisley at Stagecoach festival Saturday night

Brad Paisley, despite the Indio wind and cold, kept the audience Saturday night entertained with a mixture of ballads and singalong hits. This guy is a megastar in the country world as both guys and girls loved his show.

Many of Paisley’s songs I actually heard on the K-FROG 105.1 country music station in Colton and the Big 106.1 Coachella Valley radio station on the drive over to Indio from Ontario.

Pick a song and the crowd here knew them all. From “Letter to Me” to “I’m Still a Guy,” “Watin’ on a Woman,” “The World” etc. 

What was interesting to me is how Paisley goes out of his way to talk about how much better life gets from high school and how much of a nerd he was. You could probably figure that out from his lyrics but I respect his honesty.

I actually left close to two hours into his “Paisley Party” to try and beat traffic but even if you’re not a fan of his music he gives a great show with a lot of video and elaborate stage lighting.