Dale Watson and Hot Club of Cowtown

were tremendous in the Palomino stage and the Mustang stage, respectively but had the misfortune of competing against Kid Rock and Kenny Chesney.

Alt-country artist Dale Watson was taking requests to a near empty Palomino stage but like a true veteran he took it all in stride and performed with all his energy. I heard him perform “Whisky or God,” “California Wines,” “Let This Trucker Go” and “Texas Boogie” while the appreciative audience danced and clapped along.

Hot Club of Cowtown did not take requests but their skill and precision was the same as Watson’s with their bluegrass material of “Chinatown, My Chinatown” and what I believe was “Catch Me Down the Line.”

I felt bad for these groups as their material deserved more listeners but Stagecoach is a great resume builder.