Kid Rock on the Mane stage earlier

pretty much hit a home run here at Stagecoach with his material. When he finished, people in the crowd were leaving to go home (and this is BEFORE Kenny Chesney).

Rock performed a diverse set of songs which included “Picture” with Miranda Lambert (who performed earlier on the Mane stage), “American Bad Ass,” “Only God Knows Why” and “All Summer Long” which got a huge response from where I stood near the stage.

I watched his performance at WrestleMania 25 and while I liked that one, at Stagecoach he interacted with the crowd more. He was able to perform a longer set where he showed off his knowledge of different musical styles (one set he took portions of hip-hop songs like Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” and mixed it with southern rock and even punk) to loud applause.

He also made it a point to show off that he actually sang/rapped live by loudly tapping the microphone during his performance, which the audience loudly cheered.