Ricky Scaggs Sunday

packed the inside of the Mustang stage and he did not disappoint.

From the moment he simply said “Ya’ll ready for some bluegrass?” to a throng of cheers, Scaggs’ set caused a lot of nodding heads and dancing toward the edges of the stage/tent.

Scaggs performed “Lonesome Night,” “Pig in a Pen” and selections from his latest Grammy award winning album “Honoring The Fathers Of Bluegrass 1946 & 47” which included “Toy Heart” and “Mother’s Only Sleeping.”

If you get the chance to see Scaggs, who likes to provide background on his music in between performances, don’t miss out.

Scaggs basically said on Sunday he recorded his Grammy award winning album for the iPod generation who might otherwise not know the history of bluegrass, which includes the legend Earl Scruggs who performed Saturday.